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Miyazaki Hayao - современник, фантастик и импрессионист

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Miyazaki Hayao

- современник, фантастик и импрессионист из Японии

Gallery 2- Gardens of the Sky, Stars of the Sea

Сайт 2

Welcome to Iblard! We would now like to guide you through some of the most notorious places in Iblard. We hope you enjoy your stay!

1. A Birds-eye view of Iblard

..............We shall start with a birds eye view of Iblard. Looking down upon Iblard from the sky allows us to understand the geographical features of the many lands which exist in the counrty, many of which we shall focus upon throughout our journey.
Iblard is the country we see in the middle of the picture (we shall visit its many features in later pictures.)
..............To the north-west of Iblard is a water kingdom called "Suiteria." The people of this country are well-known for their exceptional skills in science and technology. The scientist of Suiteria often try to explain the unusual phenomena that occur in Iblard through scientific research, but hardly ever find answers to why such amazing things happen in Iblard.
..............To the north-east of Iblard is a mountainous country known as "Takatsungu." Many Laputa's dwell in this area and the country is also rich in Lapis Lazuli mines.

2. Borrowed garden

..............This is one of the most beautiful views we have in Iblard. One thing that is hard to understand for foreigners is that perspective in Iblard is a bit abnormal. Far away towers can look much larger than they really are and near-bye towers look much smaller than in reality.


3. Station front

..............We have now arrived at the main station in Iblard. It is sunset. As the soft colours of twilight fall upon the houses which surround the station, a soft wind blows to welcome us. Perhaps you have noticed how the plants in Iblard grow freely over and around buildings. Here nature lives in harmony with civilisation, and in some of the most beautiful ways.

4. Iblard

..............We have now come to the central field in Iblard, located to the east of the city. The mountain which towers' in the distance is a notorious land mark of Iblard.

Its curious shape makes us wonder whether it really is a natural mountain. Beautiful stones and fossils can often be found in the field.
Thus this natural park is ideal for picnics and for visitors who want to see the rare clouds, laputas and planets that gather in this area..

5. Uchinada

..............We have now arrived at the Terminus of this train line which is located near the sea of Iblard. In such places, access to Siema (special speed trains) can often be made through hidden passages.

6. Siema

..............Here the Siema awaits its passengers. This curious train moves according to the will of its passengers. In fact many things in Iblard move or form according to the will of its people, we shall explore this subject more, further on in our journey.

7. The Star Balcony

..............In a mountainous area near Takatsungu, people know how to move the stars and laputa's which float in Iblard. Some use special star model's or other magical powers which stimulates the movement of certain stars. Yet many say that stars carry qualities which are still unknown to us and even to the wizards of Iblard.

8. Sea-Snake fishing

..............When certain stars choose to line up or gather in a given area, Iblarders often find unusual items or catch unusual things!

9. Island

..............A beautiful cloud is known to always appear around this mysterious island. The road to the island is often decorated with miniature gifts for tourists and travellers to take home to their friends and family.

10. House by the sea

..............This area has become a small sea-side park. In the old days, ships from other wondrous countries would come into the bay area , bringing wondrous goods and gifts to Iblard.

11. The Arcade

..............This shopping area not only looks like a maze to new comers, but can often form into a labyrinth if one is not careful! Once you get used to it you get quite fond of it really. One tip for newcomers, when walking around any shopping area in Iblard, you shouldn't have too many problems while shopping, but when you want to go home, do not be determined to do so because if you do, the shopping area will sense it and be determined to have you stay! This is why staircases suddenly appear and disappear in Iblard and why doors are there at one moment but are gone in another.

12. Encounter with Megezo-

..............Megezo- is a peculiar elephant-resembling fairy who appears from time to time in Iblard. People have many different opinions and feelings towards this curious fairy. for, although the creature appears to be harmless, some Iblarders fear the creature and its curious powers. According to legend, when a powerful magician or wizard encounters a Megezo- he is inclined to loose his powers or to loose all will of using them. Thus it can be dangerous for any kind of talented or powerful Iblarder to even see a Megezo.

13. Garden of old stars

..............Out of the many stars which dwell in Iblard, many are decorated with exquisite gardens and parks. If you look closely upon floating stars or laputas, you may encounter ones which are covered in great forests, deep blue waters, and charming gardens. 'The Garden of old stars" is the best place to see some of Iblard's oldest stars and consequently, some of the most wondrous gardens and houses of the whole land.

14. Second throw

..............A young girl throws her ball towards passing clouds. Perhaps her real goal is to reach the great laputa's which float beyond those clouds.

15. The little flower shed

..............This small shed belongs to the gardener of this flower garden. The flower season has just begun, and this coming year should be a good one for the flowers which grow in Iblard.

16. The garden of Nakatsu

..............This grand view is of one of many water-gardens in Iblard. This particular area was once a place where ships and boats would stop on there way up the river. The garden has now been stylised into a Japanese-style tea garden.

17. Station in the woods

..............This small station is placed in a quiet part of the woods of Iblard. The station marks a crossing point for many train lines including the notorious Siema, a special speed train. The girl holding a parasol awaits a special bus which runs without wheels.

18. The path to the woods

..............Mr Inoue loves these woods because they house some of the oldest trees in Iblard. He often comes to make sketches of these trees and to have a nice cup of tea. The tea rooms which have been built within these trees invite their guests by letting the wind carry their soft scent of afternoon tea.

19 The airship- tree

..............This is a tree much loved by children because it grows special nuts which look like airships. When these nuts are full-grown, they leave the tree to ride the wind and transport new seeds to other far-away lands and children.

20 Taso city

..............In ancient times this area was a famous under-water city. Now it has become a mountain-city. But when looking from above, one often forgets which one it is!

21. Navigator

..............Seated upon a flying stone, the navigator sends information to a large laputa which plans to land in Iblard. The blue butterflies which fly nearbye are often seen in Iblard, they seem to like the clear skies of Iblard.

22. West Land high way

..............From the highest point of this highway, the stars which dwell in Iblard can look very near-bye. The sky of Iblard, where many stars carry homes and gardens, almost looks like a sea, a sea of many floating islands.

23. The Elf-Tree

..............The branches of this great tree form a flat surface which can be used as a balcony. The people of Iblard often hold small parties or afternoon lunches on these trees which also offer some very nice views if Iblard. But an elf tree as large as this one is apparently quite rare in these areas.

24. Laputa sellers

..............One nice day we saw a big Laputa floating above a great field in Iblard. When Laputa's decide to stay in one area for a long time, special markets and small stores often appear. This is a great chance to buy unusual minerals, stones, or small models of laputa's and sometimes even 'Laputa eggs', which hatch into Laputa's later on

25 View of planet tree

..............From here we are able to look at a splendid planet tree. At the end of the branches of this spectacular tree, grow spherical planets which house many Iblarders.

26. City of hatching Laputa's

..............When laputa's change their forms, a great number of flying stones and magic minerals spread across the sky. Wizards and other mischievous Ibladers come to gather these rare stones. Many peculiar things happen to villages and villagers at such times, and Iblard can become quite chaotic. The sudden appearance of a Megezo- is one of these peculiar happenings. Things can be very confusing but interesting as well!

27. The two in the field

..............When large or unusual stars decide to move out of their given paths, phenomenal things occur. These two who we met in the field today, spoke a language unknown to us. They sat in a nest-shaped laputa. Perhaps if the laputa hadn't decided to hatch that day,, these two would have had a different appearance from what they have here.

28. Yashima

..............This young lady is acting out an ancient Japanese myth where a talented archer hits his target with a bow and arrow. Even in such far away lands, myths repeat themselves.

29. Sky front

..............When looking down upon far away lands from up here, one feels as though they are touching the sky. This place is an ideal place for finding special clouds or laputa's .

30. Laputa's tea time

..............We sat upon a small floating island with a cup of afternoon tea when suddenly, the island lifted off the top of its hill. Apperantly this laputa often drifts around the top of this hill. The flying patterns and characteristics of laputa's have still not been decoded, however many of them can read your heart and take you to where you wish.

31. View from a hill

..............One day we found a store upon a hill with a beautiful view. We were watching the strange clouds which passed bye when suddenly, I notice a grand laputa forming off in the distance. The Laputa was just in the middle of hatching from its egg.

32. East Coast

..............This store sells animals carved from the precious stones of Iblard. Kids often play in such shopping areas, but today they were taken by surprise when fishes and dinosaurs suddenly jumped out from a store window. It may have been a demonstration, or perhaps just a playful trick on the part of the shop keeper. Or, perhaps the displayed toys really decided to run away!

33. Forest -Tower

..............At the top of this forest- tower blows the fresh air of an autumn's day. Yet under the clouds it is still summer and the plants are still green. This tower isn't very big, but it houses many beautiful trees and comfortable homes.

34. Seaside

..............The Crystal Beach is in some ways a mythical beach which many claim to have seen. There is one girl in Iblard who once knew this mythical beach, she is often seen by the sea side selling various crystals , stones, and shells.

35. Sea corridor

..............Under our feet lay the remainders of some fire crackers and beneath them we see the small residences of this peninsula. If we were to walk down the hill into the sea, we would see the grand woods and gardens of the one of the many water- worlds of Iblard. A boy rides a fine sea breeze over this under-water city with a couple of his squid friends while the clear waters of the sea lap the shore lines of Iblard.

36. West terminal

..............Travellers eat and rest in this village after which they continue their quests across Iblard. Many roads and train lines meet in this luminescent city. Here we spotted a girl who's very existence was most amazing. She had a transparent glow to her and when she approached a shop window, the displays would move, as if they were alive.

37. Garden of Kasuga

..............This is a yard which at times is a bit hard to notice, but when spotted is worth entering. Visitors are often surprised and delighted of the pleasures this yard gives though its form, space, and views.

38. Houses of the Multi- Stratus Sea

..............In the Multi-Stratus Sea, weather, temperature and of coarse seasons differ between various layers of stratus. This gives Iblarders a choice of what environment they would like to live in. Some Iblarders like to live in all possible environments in which case they create passages between the various layers of stratus.
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Зарегистрирован: 22.11.2008
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Miyazaki Hayao - современник, фантастик и импрессионист из Японии

Station front

Shop of light
Another scene from Iblard used in the movie, where a mischievous cat appears on a flying beetle. The original picture can be seen in Gallery 2.

Upward Draft

Much of the imagery for Whisper of the Heart was based upon this picture which now hangs in the Ghibli Studio in Tokyo.
..............The picture is set in the Valley of Small Stars in Iblard. Some stars circle round a given coarse, some stay in a favourite spot, some appear only at special times of the year or when special elements in the environment come together. There are countless numbers and types of stars in Iblard. Stable stars are apparently the best grounds for creating a place to live in Iblard.

Cluster tower

In the movie, Shizuku flies past a couple of these towers!
In Iblard, even a tower becomes a lively city or town.
No one really worries about falling off these towers because Iblarders have a special way of controlling gravity so that if you did fall, the fall would be slow and safe.


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